Detective Mary Joe Court returns in a gripping story of murder, madness, and revenge in the ninth—and final—novel of New York Times’ bestselling author Chris Culver’s Joe Court series.

Joe was driving home when her dispatcher called. An arsonist had doused a local home with gasoline and lit it on fire. The homeowner escaped without injury, and the damage is minimal. It’s a crime, but it’s not a tragedy.

Only the arsonist isn’t done.

He has ambitions and grievances, and he doesn’t care about houses. That was practice. His actual targets walk on two legs.

Joe dives into the case and finds herself confronted by an adversary barely clinging to reality, a man the media have dubbed the Flamethrower. Despite her years as a detective and experience investigating the most heinous crimes imaginable, Joe can’t wrap her head around this one. The Flamethrower’s actions make no sense. His attacks seem random.

That’s his secret. The flamethrower may be insane, but he’s supremely rational. He has a goal, and he won’t stop until he burns the world to ash…unless Joe gets him first.

The Man in the River is a riveting thriller with great twists. If you like Michael Connelly, James Patterson, or Lisa Gardner, you’ll love Chris Culver’s Joe Court series. Check it out!

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