They made their choice years ago. They buried the truth… amongst other things. But evil only begets evil. The monster they created is here, and he’s on the hunt…

Detective Mary Joe Court’s home is her sanctuary. It’s the one place she can let her guard down and be herself. And her home has one rule: No murder allowed. That means no pictures from murder scenes, no interview notes, no files, no death in her home. For years, that rule has worked out well.

But now death is knocking on her door.

A serial killer the local news has dubbed the Apostate has already taken twelve young people. To stop him, Joe must dig deep into her town’s sordid and forgotten past. But even that might not be enough. Because the Apostate intends to uncover the truth and bury everyone who hurt him.

And Joe stands right in his way.

The Boys in the Church is the third thrilling novel in New York Times’ bestselling author Chris Culver’s Joe Court series. If you like James Patterson, David Baldacci, or Karin Slaughter, you’ll love this series.

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